Time scales

Kirn pointed to this fascination with plant intelligence. “Another example of how living things are all animated, just at different time scales.” The video shows how tendrils seek a support.

Plant intelligence is an odd branch of science. It’s been known forever by farmers and beekeepers and others who work with plants, and it’s been actively researched for several hundred years. Darwin was deeply fascinated by smarty-plants and did a lot of research. His son Francis carried on the tradition, with some truly startling results that have been forgotten.

You can’t get more mainstream and orthodox than Darwin himself, but the subject is still seen as pseudoscience by the same establishment “scientists” who claim to worship Darwin. It pops up occasionally and seems genuinely new to people like me who don’t work with plants.

My favorite example of plant motion is the abacus-like math of clover florets. It matches the abacus-like location memory of the bees who drink from the florets.

Speaking of animation at different time scales, the website containing the cited clip is unchanged since 2004. It’s a ‘living fossil’. The main page helpfully tells the viewer how to play the brand-new Apple QuickTime movies on the site, and refers to quicktime.apple.com for further information. Apple stopped supporting QuickTime many years ago, and quicktime.apple.com is no longer there.

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