Shkreli has a GOOD idea.

Shkreli has finished his 5 years in prison, and DailyMail has an informative interview.

Is he reformed? Hell no. I understand the Shkreli type, and I understand prison, and I predicted correctly that he would be an outstanding mentor to other Bad dudes.

From the DailyMail:

At the top of his post-prison to-do list is getting back into his former industry and taking aim at the FTC, with Shkreli stating: ‘My main focus is just fighting the government and getting back the right to be in pharma.’

To that end, he is appealing an FTC ruling that banned him from the industry, while also landing him with a $65 million fine. And while he is confident that he will come out on top, Shkreli is already working on a new venture that he says will provide him with the opportunity to get his ‘revenge’ on Big Pharma once and for all: a new drug-discovery software company, Druglike.

Through the Robin Hood-style start-up, Shkreli wants to make early drug discovery more accessible by putting the same software used by multi-billion-dollar pharma companies on the cloud and crowdsourcing it so that it can be used by the masses.

Does he mean it? Probably not. Most likely it’s just another sneaky way for Shkreli to make money. But if he means it, the idea has tremendous potential. Pharma desperately needs to be snatched away from the Nazi torture industry. If ordinary people could build or buy useful pharmaceuticals quietly and privately without passing through the extortion and torture gates of the MDs (Mengele Demons) we might have some real goddamn health for fucking once.

We could use some expert BAD dudes who know how to sneak around the system.

Look at this picture of Evans Drugs in Enid, circa 1897. (Crank up the contrast on the image.) Or these pictures of a similarly equipped drugstore in Seattle.

The pharmaceuticals were carefully organized and OPENLY AVAILABLE. Rows and rows of Mason jars and drawers containing herbs and chemicals. Nobody was stealing the chemicals because everyone could BUY THEM LEGALLY.

PAY FOR VALUE is the solution to most modern problems.

The old books on Science as DIY entertainment assumed that the reader had access to a drugstore like this. Most of the ingredients listed in those books are totally unavailable today, classified as Schedule 534853489578594 Narcotics or Schedule 6789463753 Terrorism Tools.

= = = = =

Also: Mark Cuban has started a more practical and immediate answer. He’s only dealing with the cost end of the problem. Supposedly Cuban’s retail pharmacy will avoid insurers entirely, and avoid those mysterious but wildly expensive Pharmacy Benefit Managers. The PBMs, inserted into the system by Obamacare, serve no function except adding cost.

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Two weeks later: Shockedshockedshocked! Shkreli was just pulling a quick pump and dump. As usual he had no intention of actually running a company. It would still be a good idea, but there’s no point in discussing or thinking about good ideas. Good ideas are permanently obsolete and impossible.

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