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Wesley Smith hits hard on two BIG corrections in BIG medical topics. Two longstanding orthodoxies have been PROVED wrong.

1. Depression is caused by biochemistry.  Wrong but probably not fraudulent.

2. Alzheimers is caused by plaque.  Wrong and deliberate fraud.


I already know 1 is wrong, because I’ve figured out non-chemical ways to fight depression and anxiety. If it was purely a matter of chemistry, physical and cognitive rearrangements wouldn’t make any difference. I have no experiential way (yet!!!) of checking 2, but it was clearly not yielding any results after 20 years and billions of dollars.

Why were these particular errors so easy to fund and so hard to find?   A problem caused by chemistry can be solved by pharmaceuticals.

From Smith’s article:

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The 2006 report concluded that Alzheimer’s is caused by a buildup of a certain type of plaque in the brain—a finding that has guided research into cures for Alzheimer’s ever since. But now, critics claim that the original authors “appeared to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from different experiments” calling their conclusions into significant question.

If true, this is a scientific scandal of the worst order. As the Science article notes, the questionable study strongly influenced the funding of research into treatments, with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) spending $1.6 billion pursuing the plaque hypothesis this fiscal year. Even worse, if scientific mistakes in the study were not caught during peer review because of data manipulation, it deprived Alzheimer’s researchers investigating other hypotheses of badly needed funding, perhaps delaying the development of effective treatments.

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The lost opportunity is crucial, and not usually mentioned in this context. Science funding since 1946 has followed the Superstar model. The biggest and most influential lab gets all the funding, and then has no particular reason to accomplish anything.  And no reason to question the theory that brought in the bucks.

What’s the cure? Radical demonectomy. Eliminate all federal funding and agencies for “science”. Delete the whole satanic monstrosity. Eliminate tenure and peer review. Revert science to a hobby conducted by rich or crowdfunded amateurs.


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Later thought:  The correct cure for both of these conditions is EXACTLY THE SAME.


Unfortunately there’s no Big Walka. There is only Big Pharma.

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