Fairness Doctrine with a vengeance!

I’ve been noticing some small-scale attempts to recapture the Fairness Doctrine, like StraightArrowNews.

Via Kirn yet again….

The Disney-backed streaming service Hulu is refusing to run political ads on central themes of Democratic midterm campaigns, including abortion, guns and the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, prompting fury from the party’s candidates and leaders.


When DISNEY enforces the Fairness Doctrine exactly as it was written and intended, THINGS ARE CHANGING.

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Parallel a couple days later: Los Angeles County is bringing back muzzles, but BEVERLY HILLS CITY REFUSED. Previously the courtiers have been the most enthusiastic stranglers. When BEVERLY HILLS refuses to enforce ballgags, THINGS ARE CHANGING.

At the start of the hoaxocaust in 2020, quite a few rural counties tried to refuse enforcement of lockdowns and ballgags. They were knocked down easily by the demon governors and the demon Feds, because peasants are powerless. When Disney and Beverly Hills break away from the official line, they’re harder to knock down.

Update: Beverly Hills was joined by Pasadena and El Segundo, and the demon in charge of the LA Public Death Department ACTUALLY BACKED DOWN. She/he/it decided that the “cases” no longer required ballgags.

Locally, the state Public Death Demons moved into “encouraged” mode last month, and I miserably prepared for a quick upshift to “required”. Instead, it appears that the “encouraged” mode has dropped away. These things are never clearly ended, and I still expect full hell to return at some point.

Sooner or later every witch hunt grinds to a halt when it burns the powerful, or when the powerful get tired and move on to a different sexual thrill.

= = = = =

Near the start of the hoaxocaust, I compared it with Prohibition. It’s a good controlled experiment with elites and peasants reversed. Prohibition was part of a bottom-up Populist surge. NYC hated it, so media hated it and didn’t enforce it. The “virus” is part of a top-down NAZI TORTURE surge. NYC enforced it, so media also enforced it. Peasants hate it, but peasants are powerless and meaningless. The NAZI TORTURE couldn’t end until the aristocrats got tired of it.

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