More boxtop thoughts

Continuing from previous.

One of Duane Jones’s basic principles: There’s no point in advertising or boxtopping if the product itself isn’t good. The product must “repeat when sampled”; the first try should entice another try. This is naturally true of naturally addictive products like alcohol, but the standard should apply in a more ethical way for non-addictive products. If you use soap, the boxtopped soap should be better than your existing soap. If you eat cereal, the boxtopped cereal should be better than what you’re eating now. Ideally the boxtopped product should also be more expensive to match the improved quality, and to self-liquidate the advertising cost.


After thinking about the need for more dramatizations and more boxtops, I realized that the latter suggestion has already been taken. We do have a nearly universal boxtop among the independents and truth-tellers, and unfortunately the box contains a bad product. BITCOIN.

Truth is the enticing premium that leads you to open the bitcoin box.

This is the two-way balance I’ve been observing for a couple of years. With some exceptions, the truth-tellers on most subjects are selling bitcoin, and the truth-tellers on bitcoin are orthodox demons about other subjects.

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