We need more dramatization, not more facts.

At the start of the 2020 “virus” hoax, I stupidly hoped that getting out the facts would persuade people. I shouldn’t have let myself harbor such hopes, since I’m the one who constantly shouts EXPERIENCE IS THE ONLY TEACHER. Those hopes faded quickly, replaced by my own jail EXPERIENCE with psychopaths.

Good teachers and good salesmen always try to induce a TRIAL EXPERIENCE, a simulation of the real product or process.

That’s the purpose of Jones’s boxtop premiums. Enchantment leads to desire for the premium. You can’t get the premium without TRYING the product itself. You have to open the box to send in the boxtop, and after you’ve opened the box you’ve seen and smelled the product. Well, the box is open, it looks and smells good enough, might as well try it instead of tossing it.

Swindlers understand this point deeply; the only difference is that their product is evil instead of useful. Bitcoiners and stock traders and casinos always let you win the first few hands or trades. Oh boy! This feels good! I want to try more! And then the scammer pulls the rug out after you’ve been enticed to throw in your entire net worth.

= = = = =

Media formerly gave us DRAMATIZATIONS of con games, not just INFORMATION. Realistic stories gave us a TRAINING or IMMUNIZING experience with the real scammers. We vicariously lived with the victim through the bait-n-switch. Media (at least British) also gave us realistic dramatizations of psychopaths.

We shouldn’t have to learn everything from DEADLY experience like fighting an actual war or enduring 2020. We should be experiencing the HORRIBLE REALITY of war and Public “Health” and the next WEF “emergency” on TV and Youtube and videogames.

Big media always works for the demons, because the demons control the big money and the big lawyers. Youtube ruthlessly selects only bad trainers on every subject.  Frankly, Substack and Rumble aren’t much better.  They may monetize a few more independents, but the selection algorithm still pulls you toward evil.

How do we spread GOOD training or immunizing experiences again? Not just for economic con games, but for the deadly satanic con games like war and Public “Health” and Big Science?

The anti-establishment side needs more dramatization and more boxtops.

Entice and induce a trial experience with the economic con games and the political and scientific con games. Videogames and influencers should be shaping a realistic and negative experience of bitcoin and “science” and war, not just listing the data.

= = = = =

Caveat: It’s possible that some videogames are doing what I’m suggesting. I shouldn’t speak without direct experience. From indirect experience watching gameplay on Youtube, I have the impression that videogames make war look easy and fun. You jump and fly and spin in all directions, sending off swords and missiles and bullets, and your enemies magically fall. Occasionally you take a hit, and you just lose the game and restart. You don’t actually die, and you don’t spend years in rehab or permanently disabled or drugged out from PTSD.

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