Temporation vs Parkinson

Civilization requires resonance. A strong culture has a place for everyone and a time for everything, at the daily level and the seasonal level and the lifetime level.

Detemporation is a prime murder weapon for demons. In every conceivable way, demons break up natural resonances. Deepstate-sponsored music and art are atonal and random. Psychopaths give random commands at random times, never allowing the victim to regain resonance and anticipation. Social media breaks up the time order and sequence of messages so you can’t follow a natural or social event. You can only read what Zuck wants you to read.

Random commands require MASSIVE energy, thus “justifying” MASSIVE government power and budget. Parkinson. A ruler or persuader who lets civilization set the boundaries of purpose and time needs very little effort. Machiavelli.

This is just basic physics. If you want to move an object with minimum energy input, you need to swing with its natural rhythm.

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Needless to say, Duane Jones understood this point. He called it continuity, not resonance.

Continuity gives your messages frequency and repetition. Continuity puts your sales messages in sequence. Continuity multiplies and intensifies their impact.

Jones illustrated the point with a campaign for Mennen Shave Cream. He wanted to give men a commercial message in a pleasant context at the right time each day. His agency called on an experienced production team who put together a five-minute radio program called ‘Fun at Breakfast’.

To our delight and great relief, Fun at Breakfast caught on. It was an instantaneous hit. Men liked it, and men listened while they were shaving. Mennen’s Shave Cream showed a sharp rise in sales.

Jones didn’t describe the details of Fun, but fortunately the blessed Preservers have digitized a few of the episodes. Archive.org (free) has six episodes from the generic version without built-in Mennen ads. OtrCat.com (not free) has 15 episodes from the built-in Mennen version. I prefer the generic, because the intro song is about happiness instead of shaving.

The show is highly condensed, and like all good condensates it expands in the mind. First 20 seconds for a happy theme song; then a space for commercials; then 2 minutes and 40 seconds of precisely timed wordplay by the same Vaudevillians who gave us ‘It Pays to be Ignorant’; then another commercial space; then a 20-second happy song. Start, middle, end. Story structure, workday structure, concerto structure.

The vast majority of our brain is devoted to periodicity and sequencing. Our theoreticians and academicians have told us that the abstract logical cortex is the important part, but the microsequencers in the cerebellum account for 80% of all the neurons. Every repeated sequence, from senses or muscles, develops a ‘folder’ in this vast file cabinet, and we learn to expect the correct sensory inputs at the correct points in the muscle sequence.


A new measurement of the cerebellum is SHOCKING as usual.

It’s essentially a flat sheet with the thickness of a crepe, crinkled into hundreds of folds to make it fit into a compact volume about one-eighth the volume of the cerebral cortex. For this reason, the surface area of the cerebellum was thought to be considerably smaller than that of the cerebral cortex.

By using an ultra-high-field MRI machine to scan the brain and custom software to process the resulting images, an SDSU neuroimaging expert discovered the tightly packed folds actually contain a surface area equal to 80% of the cerebral cortex’s surface area. In comparison, the macaque’s cerebellum is about 30% the size of its cortex.

The neurons of the cerebellum are 80% of the neurons in the brain, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that its surface area is large.

Also unsurprising: Science is snobbery. Scientists function by theory. They have a POWERFUL disdain for people and animals who function by skills and culture and reality.

The cerebellum is the site for SKILLS and REALITY. The cortex is the site for theories and tyranny. Thus everyone knows that the cortex must be INFINITELY larger than the cerebellum, just as everyone knows the scientist is INFINITELY smarter than the plumber or waitress.

Along with the mismeasure of area, there’s a misdescription of the difference between the cortex and the cerebellum, which shows the same neglect and disdain of SKILL.

In the cerebral cortex, regions representing different parts of the body are arranged roughly like they are in the actual body: juxtaposed and orderly. But in the cerebellum, they were placed more randomly.


On one side, the arrangement in the cortex is not strictly orderly. Unrelated parts are juxtaposed.

Here’s the classic ‘homunculus’ for mapping of sensory regions:

On the other side, the cerebellum IS arranged in an orderly way. It’s ordered by SKILL and SEQUENCE, not by body parts. Each subsection of one folium was set up ‘on the fly’ by repeated rehearsal and performance of a specific action involving various parts.

The input command arrives from sensory centers in the brainstem via the blue and green paths. The neurons in this folium have been programmed by repetition to perform one specific action for one specific PURPOSE. They run through the action, sending sequential commands toward the spine via the dentate nucleus (brown).

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Modern advertisers have much less opportunity to schedule efficient resonant fun. Daily newspapers are fading fast. Monthly magazines are already gone. Broadcast radio and TV are still strictly sequenced, but both are losing audience because their sequence is an unending unpatterned SCREECH OF PANIC AND FEAR AND EMERGENCY AND HATE. Instead of 2 minutes of Vaudeville we have endless hours of FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP. There’s no pattern or pleasure or learning in an air-raid siren.

Most people watch “entertainment” in streaming form, with software to cut out commercials. Video on demand is an effective self-defense weapon against the endless screech.

You’d think smart advertisers would be pushing radio and TV to bring back a real daily sequence, with room for variety and pleasure and actual entertainment. I guess they’ve been detemporated and deskilled like everyone else.

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Retemporating a reference: The Fun at Breakfast clips are undated, but they include a joke about the Little Steel Formula, which was a price control imposed on smaller steel makers in July 1942.

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