The real independents

While we bicker and squabble about “free speech” vs Woke, on Twitter and Google and Facebook “versus” Gab and Parler and Substack, the real independents are blasting away inside the very same tech pipes and companies.

Who are they? Videogamers. The biggest games have about 200 million users each,  the same size as Twitter. And there’s no Woke in the game world. Perfect realism about males and females and status and sex, plenty of hard-hitting satire against the elite monsters. The satire takes the form of fables, as it did in Medieval 1.0 when insane rulers were censoring all literal communication. Videogames are active fables.

I had no fucking idea this was going on, until I started watching YongYea’s reviews and discussions of the industry. I understood the technical side of gaming, and had even contributed to its early stages; but without participating I was utterly ignorant of the content.

Look at YongYea’s latest review of a cult-building game.

Think you want to join a cult? Think you’re qualified to lead a cult? This training session will show you what’s involved on both sides, and maybe you’ll lose your appetite after the training.

Only one aspect of real cults is missing, at least as seen in the review: Blackmail.

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