Yang is dumb.

Andy is at it again, pretending to solve our problems by introducing fancy gimmicks in the “voting” system. As far as I can tell from his glitzy but vague website, he doesn’t have any actual plans or proposals for economics or industry or peace. He just wants rank-choice “voting”.

Pre-Yang nasty complicated voting:

Yang’s New Improved E-Z-Vote System:

In the first fucking place, “elections” are meaningless. The real choices are made by the parties BEFORE the “elections”. The mode of “voting” is irrelevant when there are no human choices available.

In the second fucking place, most people understand that “voting” is pointless. A new way of marking the ballot won’t restore our faith. RESULTS will restore our faith. FDR got RESULTS quickly. DeSantis is getting RESULTS. If the parties elsewhere want to restore faith, they need to show results FIRST AND FAST.

In the third fucking place, a more complex system ALWAYS gives an advantage to the rich and powerful. This is obvious in tax law, where the rich constantly “simplify” the IRS by adding thousands of new loopholes written especially to exempt them. It’s equally true in other spheres of regulation, including voting. Only a sharp insider can understand and strategize a rank system.

In the fourth fucking place, we have a natural experiment on the value of gimmicks. The three West Coast states have adopted all the gimmicks. Vote by mail, open primaries, top-two primaries. We have the nastiest and most murderous NAZI governors in the whole country.

I’ve seen the change here in Wash. Before the gimmicks we had a couple of decent governors, Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire. After the gimmicks we have Demon Inslee, who was trying to burn down the state for several years until he found his best sexual pleasure in strangling the state.

One post-hoc doesn’t prove the point, but the same pattern shows in Ore and Calif. Before the gimmicks, relatively decent governors. After the gimmicks, WEF demons.

At the very least the gimmicks DIDN’T STOP the demons from taking and holding permanent power.

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What is Yang trying to do?  (1) Just pull in more money? He has billions.  (2) Spoiler?  If so, he’s not giving much value to his sponsor.  Judging by the responses in his Twitter and Facebook pages, his movement isn’t gaining traction.  (3)  If he’s on a passionate mission to fix the country, he’s either too dumb to figure out the right way, or he’s not listening to smart advisors.

The difference between spoiler and mission was crystal clear in 1948. Both parties had strong alternatives. Harold Stassen was a spoiler. He was hired to break Taft, and every move he made was perfectly calculated to break Taft. Henry Wallace was on a mission. He firmly believed in the New Deal, and he had played a major part in its success as Agriculture Secretary. He absolutely HATED what Truman was doing. Truman was helping Deepstate to rise from its grave, ruining the economy, making unnecessary wars, censoring the remnants of FDR. On the other side, Strom Thurmond hated Truman’s wokeness, which was also contrary to the spirit of FDR.

So Truman faced two passionate mission candidates outside the D party, and Taft faced one expert spoiler inside the R party. The spoiler worked. Unpopular bland Dewey got the R nomination instead of charismatic non-interventionist Taft. Truman won.

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