Return to Truman 2

Still watching all the “independents” falling into line like passive iron filings near a powerful magnet.

Still branching from that Feb ’50 Mutual news broadcast. It includes a brief emotional snip of the HUAC committee grilling Henry Wallace.

The simple FACT is that all politicians were neutral and non-combatant from 1920 to 1940. We actually learned a lesson from Wilson’s unnecessary intrusion in WW1.

In 1946 Deepstate rose from the grave and began its long campaign to insure that no American would ever see or hear or tell the truth again. HUAC was picking out specific scapegoats like Wallace, blaming them for our two decades of horrible sanity. NEVER AGAIN! NO MORE SANITY!

Grilling Wallace was especially shameful because Wallace was in charge of agriculture in the New Deal. He wasn’t a politician or a lawyer. He was born in agriculture. His father was a farmer and a writer about agriculture, and served as Sec of Ag for Harding. So Henry knew the scientific and practical sides of farming, and he knew how bureaucracies work.

In the New Deal, Wallace organized the training of farmers, the subsidies and commodities, and the building of irrigation systems. He solved the Dust Bowl.

If he hadn’t done his job so well, the whole fucking country would have starved. Those Congressmonsters should have been THANKING him for their daily bread, not BAKING him for HELPING TO WIN THE FUCKING WAR.

During the war Wallace was vice president, and FDR assigned him to sit on various war production boards when needed, using the power of the office to halt pointless disputes and get shit done.

Before 1946 we were cautiously sharing our research and materials with Russia and Britain. Russia was working with us to defeat the NAZIS, and Russia had taken the greatest loss of men and industry. Allies should share information, and we did. In his role as expediter, Wallace helped to sway those boards and commissions toward sharing with Britain and Russia.

After the CIA/NSA/FBI zombies took over, we resumed our normal love affair with NAZIS like Wernher von Braun. Our only purpose in life is to OBLITERATE RUSSIA and torture people.

The HUAC hearing, as recorded in this document, focused on shipments of uranium to Russia in 1944, which were simply part of the war effort at that time, but now redefined as treason.

The congressmonsters repeatedly read out lengthy passages of laws and executive orders which were supposedly “violated” by the real policy. Wallace repeatedly explained how government really works. Parkinson. Bureaucrats are only concerned with expanding their own turf. Laws are designed to create loopholes and exemptions for one agency or one company. FDR needed to WIN A NECESSARY WAR, and Wallace was trying to break through the normal bureaucratic crap with personal power.

Wallace makes the main point here:

What I wanted to do at that time, we felt Russia’s part in the war effort was very significant, and I was going to be visiting certain spots in Siberia where they were seeking to produce many products that would save the lives of American boys, and I wanted to make some speeches.

The most emotional part of the radio news broadcast is this, roughly transcribed:

Wallace: As the wartime vice president of the United States, I feel very deeply on this subject and I think that I did a good job. This kind of questioning, I think, is not helpful.

Congressmonster: This is not a proper response, and I’m going to ask that it be stricken from the record, as you are making a reflection on the policy of this committee.

Wallace: And I don’t like to hear the Roosevelt administration impugned.

Sure enough, this part was stricken. This part is not in the document.

Truth is always stricken from the record. Thanks to MBS for unstriking it, and thanks to those blessed OTR digitizers and preservers for making this particular clip available in modern form.

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