Oz is not dumb.

Everyone is making fun of Dr Oz’s grocery video. Let them eat Cruditay.

BUT: Youtube has dozens of his grocery shopping videos (segments from the Oprah show) for the last 10 years. They look and sound like the new one. Most are about prices.

So this latest grocery price video isn’t a first try, it’s a practiced technique. Oz is perfectly tuned and resonated with Oprah viewers.

Oprah viewers and Democrat voters are the same circle on a Venn diagram. Bullseye.

Later: Maybe Oz isn’t dumb, but I’m dumb. I’m so far removed from partisan politics now that I didn’t realize Oz is running as a Repooflican. Given that fact, his party choice is dumb. After spending a lifetime perfecting his resonance with D primary voters, why is he running on the R label? He’s rejecting his loyal fans and trying to win people who don’t know who he is. Makes no sense at all.

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