D-tag? What D-tag?

American Radio Library has added a nearly complete collection of Funkschau, a German electronics newsletter. It started publication in the 20s and is still in business.

The magazine scarcely noticed WW2. Near the end, a few articles on DIY parts appeared, but the mix of theory and construction and review remained constant as the pages decreased, the graphics simplified, and the issue count decreased.

The September-October 1944 issue was the last until restart in ’46. It includes a review of a new training film on TV produced by Reichspost:

Clearly the publishers weren’t ready to give up. A notice to readers stated that due to wartime limitations we will only accept annual subscriptions, not monthly subscriptions. After victory we will resume the old Plan.

Advertisements were still running, though less colorful than before:

DIY construction because of wartime limitations:

What’s with the redaction blocks? These started to appear in ’43, but they make no sense. Most of the redactions are variables in standard electronic formulas, which every technician knows by heart.

A few are measurements, which again would be unnecessary for an experienced builder.

The restart issue in ’46 includes only one mention of the irrelevant stuff happening outside the world of electronics.

We’re happy to return to our regular Plan. We owe special thanks to Herr Mister Reichmann and Herr Lieutenant Kelleher of the Military Occupation Publications Section for their permission and assistance.

I’m pretty sure that Herr MISTER Reichmann is an American despite his German name.

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