Stark idiots

I’m impressed by the NON-PANIC of those German electronics publishers. While the country was being bombed down to bedrock and Thermited to a crisp, the home front kept on with business and fun. The Post Office made training films about new developments in TV, and the magazines wrote about experimenting with leftovers instead of new parts.

It’s a stark contrast to our modern EMERGENCY PANIC EXISTENTIAL CRISIS mode, where an unconfirmed sighting of literally exactly ONE MICROBE, or even literally NO FUCKING MICROBES AT ALL, causes immediate shutdown and imprisonment and strangulation of all homes and businesses and schools. (Except for the businesses that deal with China, our Military Occupier since 1975.)

Are you ready for the next EMERGENCY EMERGENCY URGENT URGENT PANIC PANIC EXISTENTIAL CRISIS? The “scientists” have taken their destruction of logic and science to a new level.


Via UncommonDescent:

Many millions of years ago, not so long after animal life in the ocean got started, the entire global ocean circulation seemed to periodically shut down. We were not expecting to find that the movement of continents could cause surface waters and oxygen to stop sinking, and possibly dramatically affecting the way life evolved on Earth.

This study used, for the first time, a MODEL in which the ocean was represented in three dimensions, and in which ocean currents were accounted for. Results show that collapse in global water circulation lead to a stark separation between oxygen levels in the upper and lower depths.

Circulation collapse would have been a death sentence for anything that could not swim closer to the surface and the life-giving oxygen still present in the atmosphere.

We’d need a higher resolution climate model to predict a mass extinction event. That said, we do already have concerns about water circulation in the North Atlantic today, and there is evidence that the flow of water to depth is declining.

In theory, an unusually warm summer or the erosion of a cliff could trigger a cascade of processes that upends life as it appears today.

Needless to say, ‘higher resolution model’ tells us the next step. A quadrillion-dollar Multidisciplinary Centre for Continental Emergency Studies, and a postgrad program in all the major universities.

And after those models predictably predict that one grain of sand moving one millimeter in the wrong direction will trigger the EMERGENCY PANIC EVENT, we will need to immobilize all humans so we can’t cause any grains of sand to move the Wrong Witchy Way. And there’s only one way to immobilize all humans, which is of course already the end goal of the “Climate” Emergency and the “Virus” Emergency.

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Later thought: All sides in the ’30s and ’40s were confident. Brits were also famous for conducting business as usual while being bombed. We also conducted business as usual, though it wasn’t as salient in our unbombed situation. Now all the ‘advanced’ nations are in hair-trigger twitchy witchy OCD panic mode. Germany got rid of its own carefully engineered fail-safe nuke plants after the Fukushima plant failed (with zero deaths and no meaningful release of radiation) in a tsunami that can’t possibly happen in Germany. The demons have transformed these formerly confident countries into brainless lifeless self-destruction machines.

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