If it’s a trend…

The folks at TheFederalist are still trying to claim a trend toward genuine populism on the R side. They claim that the defeat of Liz Cheney marks a pulling away from Bush/Cheney neocons. I doubt it. A much simpler explanation is the Trump personality cult, which is pretty much the only thing in Repooflican minds now. Liz turned violently and effectively against Trump on a personal basis, and essentially joined the D party in all but name. Joining the D party has never been a good strategy for winning an R primary, and vice versa.

I still don’t see any change in the emails I get from R sources. In fact they’ve been basically silent for a few weeks. My inbox is filled with classic non-political spam about sex and expired McAfee subscriptions and  gutter leaf filters and Camp Lejeune water pollution. Nothing from the R side, not even the normal Trump personality cult or ZERO TAX.

Here in Wash we have ONE honest non-demonic R politician: Loren Culp. In 2020 he ran hard against Demon Inslee, hitting all the correct points (riots, lockdowns, ballgags) and never converging to the norm. The state R party refused to support him. No money, no media connections. He had to do it on his own, and he lost. Culp tried running for Congress this time, in an R district, and the same shit happened. The R emails never mentioned him. THEIR candidate won the primary, and the emails started mentioning THEIR candidate.

If this turn toward real populism wants to grow, it needs to get the word out. Most of all it needs to show some CONCRETE RESULTS.

In Duane Jones terms, a good product must REPEAT WHEN SAMPLED.  There’s no point in having a good product if you don’t SAMPLE it.  In his language SAMPLE is an active verb.  Send out a box or a jar to let people see it and smell it and try it.   So far the alleged populists haven’t advertised, and certainly haven’t SAMPLED their alleged product. They haven’t sent out a law that reaches the people so we can see it and smell it and try it.

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