Sharp contrast

Two articles on the use of simulations and models in “science” appeared today.

(1) An article in PNAS with ELEVEN co-authors tries to make the use of models appear more legitimate.

Why do they want more legitimacy? Here’s why:

In a wide range of research fields, computational modeling has become a critical tool. Its use has grown to augment and even replace narrative and mathematical representations of societal and biophysical processes. Models allow researchers to represent and study complex, dynamic interactions of multiple processes in ways not possible with more traditional means. Applications of computational modeling span the evolution of galaxies to subatomic physics, Earth tectonics, global temperature change, sea-level rise, emergence and loss of biodiversity, economies, crop yields, and the spread of misinformation—not to mention the ongoing reverberations of a global pandemic.

Except for galaxies, all of those simulations are JUSTIFYING NAZI TORTURE AND GENOCIDE. Obviously we need more “legitimacy” if we want more NAZI TORTURE AND GENOCIDE with no questions asked or askable.

The proposed solutions are inane and bland, and won’t help the underlying problem. More peer review to guarantee genocidal orthodoxy, more open source code to broaden the justification for NAZI TORTURE AND GENOCIDE.

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(2) An essay by ONE author, Gabrielle Bauer, in the Brownstone website.

We’re talking about the NOFI [No Ought From Is] principle here. It’s a legacy of 18th-century Scottish philosopher David Hume, who intuited that we can’t hop from the material sphere (what is) to the moral one (what we ought to do). Science gives us data: projections, cases, hospitalizations, and so on — but it cannot, by definition, tell us how to react to the data. It’s beyond science’s pay grade, if you will. All those news headlines insinuating that “the virus decides” ignore this subjective dimension. You know the headlines I mean: “Surging cases push some college classes online,” or “New variant moves cities back to mask mandates.” They’re passing the buck to the virus: Hey, don’t blame our leaders, it’s the virus making these decisions.

On the fucking dot. Simulations and AI and viruses and “global warming” and now CONTINENTAL DRIFT are substitutes and scapegoats to prevent us from blaming the NAZI DEMONS who are blasphemously abusing science and math.

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As I said in May 2020:

Now that we’ve reintroduced Polistra’s alter ego Fran, let’s look in on her….

She seems to be having some nasal trouble. What’s going on in her nose?

It’s a protest!

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