A new SES

I used to collect Self-Explanatory Sentences, extremely condensed statements of an entire life or situation. The “virus” hoaxocaust knocked out most of my old habits and enjoyments as I focused on raw survival.

Trying to bring back this habit now that the hoaxocaust is briefly paused……..

Defund the courts.

Perfect SES. The courts are currently operated by civilization-destroying demons. Soros appoints the prosecutors. Sorosian courts hold each defendant for a few hours. Jail is a coffee break.

Police are the ONLY remaining defenders of civilization in most places. We’d be better off if we stripped out all the “political” and “judicial” and “legislative” elements of our totally satanic governments, leaving only the police. If criminals knew that they would be instantly shot, there would be very little crime. The incorrigibles would die, and the rest would learn.

This is true in most parts of US, but it’s not true in the British countries (UK, CA, AUS, NZ) where the cops have also joined the Soros genocide squad. So far the US cops have remained independent and honest.

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