We can’t even.

Thinking about those optimistic Air Force researchers in 1962 amid the hoopla about Man In Space. We were trailing behind the Russians in space and in telepathy. Sputnik got there first, Gagarin got there first, and Popov got there first in telepathy research. We were trying to catch up, and we DID catch up in space because we had FACTORIES and WORKERS and SKILLS and UNIONS.

Now we’re trying to compete with Russia again, but without FACTORIES and WORKERS and SKILLS and UNIONS.

We’re starting over on the process of sending men to the moon with our own rockets. We’ve been sending people back and forth to the space station routinely using Russian rockets, but we can’t possibly continue using Russian rockets because Trump. Or because Virus. Or something. I can’t hope to understand what this shit is about.

Russian rockets still work because Russia DID NOT OFFSHORE ITS FACTORIES AND SKILLS.

Now we’re attempting to redo 1959 with three ‘mannequins’ in the capsule. I googled Artemis to see what was going on….

NASA’s Artemis I mission, scheduled to launch Monday to take an Orion capsule with three test dummies to the moon and back from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, was scrubbed due to chronic fuel leaks.

Nuff said.

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Also thinking about the optimistic teachers and students and ADMINISTRATORS who were eager to participate in creating new knowledge. Now, after 60 years of litigation and regulation and compliances and mandates, the soul of school has been broken forever. The project wouldn’t be considered. Admins won’t waste time and money on a project that is guaranteed to crash into Ethics committees, ADA compliance (for the visual and hand-operated elements of the machines), Russian Influence Sanctions, Public “Health” mandates, and a thousand other concrete bollards.

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** The fuel leaks are chronic because we’re trying to cobble together a ‘new’ rocket from tanks built in the ’80s for the space shuttle. Reminds me of cargo cults putting together leftover pieces of military hardware to create fake airplanes, without the tools or skills to make the airplanes work.

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