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Continuing on automation vs skills.

An old-fashioned union could effectively solve the problem of AI taking over from artists. Union shops place a union label (sometimes called a bug) on publications and products. Bugs are much less common in recent decades, but you can still see them on some products, and they are useful information for buyers who are concerned with SKILLS and RESPECT FOR WORKERS. A union bug says the product was made HERE by properly paid and properly treated workers, not offshored to Chinese slaveshops.

A strong artists union could provide separate bugs for Made By Humans vs Made By AI, and could enforce the distinction. The bug would be a ‘signature’ on paintings and drawings, or an incised stamp on the base of a cup or pot or sculpture. Buyers who want real human work would then know quickly which items were solely the product of human creativity.

Human creativity always involves many tools, both physical and digital. AI does the whole job, mass-producing alternate “visions” from a text prompt, leaving only the selection to humans.

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Later: Shutterstock and Getty have started to label or remove AI-generated images in their marketplace. Good decision, serves the same purpose as the union bug.

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