The last influencer

Thanks to the central banks finally turning off the counterfeit waterfall, the bitcoin and NFT tower of lunacy has just about finished imploding. Nearly everything in the realm has been “hacked” by its founders or “accidentally” crashed by a “glitch” or “paused” to allow the founders to abscond safely.

Now that the Correct Persons have absconded with the money, regulators are free to move in and punish the Incorrect Persons who are still hodling.

Email spam is the last and lowest refuge of the swindler. When a racket is going strong, TALL and beautiful Influencers and Cult Leaders spread it through images of TALL glamor and TALL wealth. When a dodge is done, the stragglers revert to email.

The NFT influencers in places like Substack and Medium gave up six months ago.  The news aggregators in websites like Vice and Verge also faded from daily items down to monthly.  Youtubers are still running, but mainly in languages like Thai and Vietnamese.

Just now I got my very first email ad for NFTs, a remarkably transparent status-based Sucker Filter.

At one time, they attracted attention at the same time with their simplicity and unrealistic vibe of pathos and self-sufficiency – what can shake the equanimity of any Bored Ape? The answer is simple – its inferiority…

We live in a world where more than two dimensions are available to a person for art, so we went much further and brought out a new species, the top of the food chain of the NFT universe – HAPE-PRIME! A real three-dimensional primate that gives its owner the status and the right to look down on everyone whose collection does not have the same expensive and exquisite NFT!

= = = = =

Inferiority is the problem. Three-dimensional, Top of the food chain, Status, Right to look down are the solutions. No subtlety. Just synonyms for TALL.


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