Fake question

Saagar and Krystal are giving us fake solutions to the fake problem of “dark money” in politics.

I didn’t bother to watch. OCKHAM. This is a fake argument designed to focus our attention on the wrong question.

We have to recognize the difference between Profit and Share Value. In earlier decades, local and state elections were profit-based. You donated and voted for O’Shaughnessy, and he gave your neighborhood a sidewalk in return. Pay for Value. [Federal politics has never been real. Federal elections don’t exist.]

We maintain the myth of profit in politics just as we maintain the myth of profit in business. In reality both spheres no longer need or want voters or customers. Both spheres are dealing solely with Bezos and Dimon, the SF and NYC billionaires.

The better question is: What does a political contribution DO? What happens when you contribute to Candidate X? Functional answer: Candidate X gets richer. He doesn’t provide any service in return. He just has more money, and he also knows that you’re a sucker who can be swindled again.

Bezos and Dimon contribute comparatively TINY amounts of money to politicians, but their real contribution is extortion.

Bezos can give or take warehouses and data storage. If Bezos is unhappy he can delete the government’s data.

Dimon can give or take loans and bond purchases as counterparty to the central bank. If Dimon is unhappy he can call in the government’s loans.

Big Finance and Big Data have always been the foundation of Deepstate. Now that government functions solely on debt and fake counterfeit, the role of investment banks and hedge funds and digital money storage is crucial. **

No matter what we do with our contributions, WE DO NOT HAVE EXTORTION POWER, so we do not exist.

** Will this change now that the counterfeit is turned off?  The corporate side of Deepstate is starting to steer back toward profits and customers.  I don’t see any course correction on the government side.

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