Why sane people avoid IOT

This is why sane people avoid ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘smart’ appliances.

Thousands of Colorado residents were locked out of adjusting their thermostats on a 90 degree summer day. The thermostats read “energy emergency” and customers had no way of moving the temperature down. Energy company Xcel had placed a temporary lock on some smart thermostats. Customers were outraged as they could not adjust their air conditioning. The company said only customers who had signed up for a rewards program were impacted.

Fine reward. You get a discount, and the company gets to shut off your service.

90 degrees isn’t an emergency anyway. Until recently every power company handled 90 degrees without any strain. These power ’emergencies’ are intentional genocide. Cull the elderly and vulnerable.

Europe is killing and culling in a different way by charging more than anyone can pay. The AVERAGE MONTHLY energy bill in Britain has been $1200 PER MONTH for several years, and jumped to $3000 PER MONTH this year.

/////////////// CORRECTION! ////////////

That’s wrong!!! I was apparently reading an alarmist source. It’s PER YEAR, not PER MONTH. $1200 per year is reasonable, and $3000 per year is a stretch but not entirely impossible.


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Later: New Satanist is orgasming over and over and over, watching the peasants panic and die:

UK wood suppliers have reported an unprecedented surge in demand for logs, briquettes and other biomass products as households rush to minimise the impact of energy bills rising 80 per cent next month. However, experts cautioned that a resurgence in burning wood in stoves, fires and boilers at home could exacerbate air pollution and damage people’s health.

Ha ha ha ha ha! We’ve got you miserable little Christians stuck between freezing and polluting, with no choice! Joy joy joy joy…. Aaaaaaahhhhh YEEEESSSSSSSS, SATAN! Now which torture tool do we pick out next?

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Contrary: There are a few vague signs that the Gaian cult is losing force on this side of the pond. The California legislature voted to keep the Diablo Canyon nuke plant running. Previous legislatures had scheduled to close it in 2025. Demon Newsom signed the continuation law. This may be the usual legislative volleyball trick, letting the Feds take the blame for closing it anyway. At least this shows that politicians feel a need to backpedal for a while. If  Demon Newsom feels the need, it must be pretty damn strong.

Closer to home, Gaian lunacy peaked about 8 years ago. Demon Inslee tried hard to burn down the state, then had to replace the officials who had lighted his fire. We haven’t torn down any dams since 2012. The Spokane zoning board issued a purely murderous new code that would have forced EVERY SINGLE HOUSE to be rebuilt from the ground up in Green form, then retracted it when a power with superior blackmail leverage complained.

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