Back to Kirn Quibbles…

Kirn’s latest pithy:

The forces of adamant top-down control & the forces of creative distributed responsibility both feel that they now have an opportunity in technology to manifest long-held dreams.

So they’re fighting.

Nope. Wrong three ways.

First: Distributed responsibility is NOT creative. Strong cultures don’t need a lot of top-down control because they’re bound by traditions. Small towns are places where the old systems and old machines and old cultural protocols are still functioning. Change is not wanted and NOT NEEDED.

Second: Top-down authority IS creative in a demonic way. Innovative disruption means Room 101. Constantly changing rules, constant and aperiodic new commands. If you can’t keep up with the pace of change, you die.

Third: In technology automatically and inevitably means top-down centralized control. See previous.

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