Can’t be monetized

CNN is trying, or pretending to try, for a less partisan approach. Its viewers are revolting. No fairness allowed! We want pure D-brand crack!

There was never any profit in plain truth. Newspapers have always been partisan. The only difference is that they’re all D now, compared to about 60% D in earlier decades.

Radio began without any news at all, partly because the newspapers had a monopoly on the sources and partly because of a high-culture attitude.

Associated Press and the other wire services were solely funded by newspapers, who understandably didn’t care to assist the new competitor.

Frank Edwards tells about the high-culture attitude. He tried to offer his news-spicing talents to a station owner, who replied:

Young man, I shall excuse you because of your age and inexperience. For your sake I am going to give you a bit of advice and I want you to remember it. Radio is not in the news business. This station is not in the news business. The principal function of radio is to provide music and educational material, not to compete with newspapers. Good day, sir!

Radio became a non-partisan source of fairly straight information in 1934 because GOVERNMENT FORCED IT TO BE NON-PARTISAN. The FCC required a certain percentage of time for news and a certain percentage for culture and public service. The news had to be non-partisan, and the culture had to be balanced.

Why is reality unprofitable? The answer is easy when you peel back all the layers. Reality is available for free. We have senses and muscles. We can see and hear and smell and feel everything we TRULY NEED TO KNOW. We don’t NEED to know what’s happening in a foreign country or another city. We don’t NEED to know about the endless pointless noises made by politicians. “Informed citizen” is an empty phrase. “Civic engagement” is a cruel fraud.

When Deepstate STOMPS, there is no preparation or warning. Demons never give warning. That’s how psychopaths work. The noises made by politicians never presage the next STOMP, and never halt the next STOMP. Government and politics are totally unrelated.

Political noise used to be seen more honestly as pure show biz. The cable “news” networks turned soap opera into “news” opera as a brilliant way of monetizing a substance fraudulently described as information.

Real information can’t be monetized. It comes from our work and our interactions with nature and family and neighbors. The “news” networks have tried hard to disconnect us, but they overplayed their hand, leading a large part of the population to disconnect from the networks.

Moral of the story: Media will not return to real news voluntarily. If one network tries real information, it will lose to the others who continue the “news” opera. We won’t get real news again until ALL the media are FORCED to carry it again.

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