This is a good lesson of some kind.

I read that British energy costs were going up from $1200 per month to $3000 per month. Both the before and after seemed utterly insane, but in a time when all governments are utterly insane, nothing can be counted out. Today I checked other sources and found that it’s $1200 a YEAR, increasing to $3000 a YEAR. In other words, it’s rising from reasonable to difficult, not rising from insane to deadly..

2020 taught me to maintain max paranoia, and I was never disappointed during the two years of full hoaxocaust. Maybe it’s time to turn the knob down a click or two, to avoid joining the APs. As I noted yesterday, the Gaian monstrosity was already fading in this country before the “virus” monstrosity replaced it, and Gaia continues to slowly fade. The “virus” is also starting to fade, or at least pause.

We know that the next EXISTENTIAL EMERGENCY will come at a time when we don’t expect it, and from a direction we can’t imagine. That’s how psychopaths work.  Fighting the last war won’t help to prepare for the next SHOCK AND AWE. Maintaining max paranoia just saps your energy and prevents enjoying the brief coffee break between stomps.

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