Gold Spot

Looking through some 1930 issues of Broadcast Advertising, noticed an ad for Doc Brinkley’s station. This was aimed at national corporations, so it’s thoroughly bland and objective.

Also found an ad for WIBW, my late-night comfort in the ’50s. High culture all the way! WIBW was mainly aimed at farmers, but it also had live classical music with a real classical conductor.

Here’s little WBBZ in Ponca. ‘Crystal controlled’ was required by law, so it wasn’t exactly special, and WBBZ wasn’t exactly special. Its claim to fame was indirect: Ponca High School, atypically for a small city, had a radio vo-tech class that used WBBZ for practice and internships.

And here’s KCRC in Enid, owned by Champlin. KCRC’s only claim to fame was occupying the front of the call-sign alphabet for many years. ‘Gold Spot of the South’ caught my attention.

Gold Spot Dairy was an Enid landmark. I didn’t realize their name represented the city itself! Gold Spot had a fine restaurant that served dairy products as you’d expect, along with excellent food and excellent service.

They also delivered milk to houses well into the ’70s. When I was trying to shift out of hippie idiot mode into ‘solid family’ mode, I used their service for a while. It didn’t last … ex-wife didn’t want solid family mode. She kicked me out and stayed in the hippie world.

The video emphasizes their co-op structure, which is basically obsolete now. Everything is Share Value and ESG now.

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