Black-boxing Brinkley

Quoting from Frank Edwards’s career biography yet again:

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In 1930 the AMA delivered a bolt from the blue: Brinkley’s goat-gland operation, they said, was an impossibility. It could not be performed as Brinkley claimed. Brinkley immediately filed suit against AMA seeking damages of $600,000.

“I am not a member of AMA because I am trying to cure people instead of covering up for malpracticing members.” He offered to prove that the operation could be performed exactly as claimed. In Sept 1930, before a group of newspapermaen, members of the Kansas State Medical College and eminent medical authorities, Doc performed not one but two of his rejuvenation operations, exactly as he described.

Doc soon learned that being right is not enough to offset entrenched power.

= = = = =

He lost the lawsuit DESPITE PERFORMING THE EXPERIMENT. The FCC revoked his radio license. He moved to Mexico with the assistance of Charles Curtis, the Topekan and Wyandot chief who was VP at the time. Deepstate later pushed hard on Curtis and forced Mexico to revoke Brinkley’s license.

Let’s look at this in strict scientific form, using the black-box technique. Input and output, transfer function, agnostic about the innards of the box.

The problem to be solved is increasing virility for old men.

Brinkley’s operation solved the problem.

It doesn’t matter if the goat testicles took root (heh) or not.

Brinkley gave his patients CONFIDENCE, which is the most important variable for strength and health and immunity and virility.

AMA doctors were always unwilling to give patients CONFIDENCE.  The pill-pushers of Big Pharma have been in charge for a century.   Confidence and exercise don’t enhance Share Value, so they don’t exist.


No work, no confidence, no food, no sleep, no social contact, no breathing.

It doesn’t matter what the demons are thinking when they commit torture and genocide. It doesn’t matter if they are pretending to fight a “virus”. Black box says they are fighting against LIFE AND HUMANITY AND SCIENCE, to improve their own virility.

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