When the S in ESG really meant something…

EnidBuzz featured the Failing company, and linked to a longer article at Okla Hist Soc. I always admired the deco architecture of the building, but had no real connection with the company or its drilling rigs.

The commenters filled out the story. The company treated its workers well, and the founder’s family semi-retired into real community service.

Later, of course, like every fucking thing, the company got LBO’d and moved to Texas.

Bonus: A petroleum engineer in Egypt somehow caught the mention of Failing via Facebook, and wrote: I started my professional work in Egypt on a Failing hole-master rig, nice to remember that.

Okies know that oil is a universal language. Engineers and students from all over the world came to Norman to study petroleum engineering, and came to Enid and Ponca and Bartlesville to work. Many of them stayed, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere in unlikely places.

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