Big news for the renaissance

Avi Loeb has achieved solid crowdfunding for his project to investigate a meteorite. He considers this particular rock found in New Guinea to be a possible UFO.

This is a BIG development toward the PROPER functioning of science. Since 1946 (of course) the military has sucked up all potential UFOs and all information about the subject, making the info secret and unavailable. Avi is allegedly working outside the government, and certainly outside of Deepstate’s money.

External funding is the only hope for a rebirth of real knowledge and science in ALL subjects.

UFOs were the second major sucked-up subject, after atomic fission. The vacuuming of atom power happened suddenly in 1946. Almost immediately the disc-type UFOs started to appear, and were seen by thousands of reliable people. Again the government was initially open, then suddenly pulled up the drawbridge and kept it closed.

We need several big FAMOUS projects like Avi’s to start turning the status vector away from government funding and tenure. Ultimately we need many independent funders, each with its own selfish profit motive like Trinity House. I don’t see a profit motive in Avi’s project, so it’s not the perfect vector-bender.

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