Out of all the parks

Thomas Harrington hits all the balls out of all the parks with this article. He focuses on 1990 as the coup when the Bush family took over the world.

Harrington also kicks the alleged “independents” who were “independent” on every issue until the NAZI TORTURERS bought them off. We’ll never know which of them were simply APs all along, and which were genuinely trying to be skeptics until the “virus” lunacy hit their soft spot. Everyone has a soft spot, as Madman Lincoln advised his followers.

A sharp indicator of APdom is adopting an UNREFORMED Deepstater as your leader. The German antivaxers adopted RFK Jr as their leader early in the game. Last month the Unz boys adopted Jeffrey Sachs, who broke Russia for Bush in 1990, as their leader.

It doesn’t really matter which way they fell; their reputations are gone either way.

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