Now we know what happened!

EnidBuzz asked about your favorite cereal as a kid. No hard answers this time, just one surprise. Many people liked Quaker’s Quisp. It came along after I was more or less grown up and skipping breakfast, so I never heard of it.

Maybe this is the answer to the mysterious disappearance of the disc-type UFOs after 1965.

From the Quaker website:

In 1965, Quisp landed on Earth with his Quazy Energy Cereal – and the world’s been a better place ever since, especially during breakfast. The saucer-shaped, crunchy corn cereal has delighted kids and adults everywhere. Bring Quisp to your house and home planet today. The crispy flavor is out of this world.

The discs flowered, seeded, and became breakfast for the landed aliens!

Polistra’s pet Martian agrees.

= = = = =

Later thought: Is there any other mainstream product simulating an object that the government has declared unspeakable? Grassy Knoll Salad Mix? Magic Bullet Cookies? Natural Immunity Vitamins?

In other cases where an existing product carried a suddenly unspeakable name, the name went away. Cars are no longer called Confederate or Rebel after the South became unspeakable.

Graphics footnote: My Martian critter, built in 2009, strongly resembles the Quisp critter. I first intended it as a toonish insect, but always used it as an alien. Did I remember Quisp unconsciously?

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