Fractal exploration

From the Twitter of Bitsavers, one of the Blessed Preservers of this world:

Book that doesn’t exist that needs to:
“The Fractal Geometry of Writing”
The thought actually started out that whenever I start writing something, I end up going down ratholes that each turn into something that would end up being the length of a book themselves.

Yup. I’ve been noticing this phenomenon in the last few months. Basically everything I’ve written here since March (except for a few scattered and small tech history items) is derived from just one 15-minute Frank Edwards newscast. It’s the only remaining audio of his newscasts. After catching his empathetic FDR-leftover attitude, I started tracing his other writings and audio clips. Each of his books and talks led to other authors. The UFO stuff comes from Edwards’s non-news talks. The Duane Jones advertising wisdom comes indirectly from a chance mention of ‘self-liquidating premiums’ in one of Edwards’s promo tapes.

See also condensed. Another way of expressing the same concept.

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