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Writing in City Journal, NS Lyons diagnoses the rebels of this age precisely and comprehensively, and offers the most REALISTIC prospect for a solution.

Lyons gives too much credit to Trump. Like many other sympathetic diagnosers, he believes Trump was blindsided by Deepstate:

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As the Trump administration belatedly discovered, taking nominal control of government through elections today has little impact on the direction of Leviathan. Even if the party officially running things changes, the vast unelected administrative state remains staffed by people educated in the same elite institutions, living in the same elite conclaves, and shaped by the same material incentives to signal acculturation to the same mannerisms, values, networks, career paths, and ideological priorities.

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Nope, doesn’t work. Trump himself is an ultimate manipulator and realist, trained by the champion blackmailer and gangster Roy Cohn. Trump knows how to fire people with or without legalistic niceties, and knows how to take over an organization. The bureaucrats were initially afraid of him, but after two months they learned that he was on their side. Trump NEVER fired even one Deepstater, and allowed the Mecher / Fauci gang to massacre the entire world with his ENTHUSIASTIC APPROVAL.

Leaving Trump behind, Lyons returns to pure Machiavelli for the prescription:

The only practical way forward for the populist Right, then, is to develop a counter-elite — operating in parallel under a different political formula and leveraging a different cultural currency — from which new leadership could staff positions of institutional power. These new elites could eventually come from anywhere, and from any social or economic class. But conversion from within the existing managerial class — in other words, the cultivation of “class traitors” — would produce the quickest results.

Smart and realistic. FDR was a class traitor. Born and bred in the original New Amsterdam aristocracy, he turned firmly against the robber barons after he got into office.

We may be seeing some stirrings of this tendency in the abrupt and firm turnaround of Powell at the central bank. Wall Street and the demonic media couldn’t believe he was serious at first, and kept pushing him to fall back into acceptable behavior. He finally came out HARDASS, and (so far) appears to be holding the line. No more free money for the demons.

Powell’s pattern is the opposite of Trump’s pattern. Trump came in with loud fake anti-establishment bluster, then quickly joined and assisted the holocausters. Powell sounded meek and mild at first, then ACTED EFFECTIVELY to slow down the monsters.

A less convincing change is showing up in the antitrust and securities enforcement areas. Their sudden enforcement of existing laws against bitcoin criminals is intentionally too late. The Correct Persons have safely absconded with the real money, and now the Greater Fools are left hodling an empty bag and facing fines and jail.

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