No, it’s the exact opposite of math

Bitcoiners constantly say they’re letting math rule. Math is god, math is supreme, math is unarguable.

Nope. They’ve kicked math out of the house.

Math is always formed in equations. Using math means screwing around with both sides of the equal sign, always keeping both sides effectively equal. That’s the original definition of algebra, and the process of bookkeeping.

Bitcoiners and stock traders do not have an equal sign. They make up FICTIONAL STUFF that is expressed in numbers, and then base a FICTIONAL WORLD on the FICTIONAL STUFF they made up. There is no balance, no credits vs debits, no algebra, no equal sign. Just layers and layers of delusion, all designed to SUCK REAL MONEY from greater fools.

The real money from the greater fool leaves the world of debits and credits when it enters the metaverse of fictional shit. The greater fool has earned his money by a real exchange of labor for value, or he has borrowed it against a real enforceable promise to repay.

When he gives his real money to the bitcoiner or stock trader, he gets nothing at all. He might get a certificate representing a JPG online, or he might get a digital representation of 0.45324 FICTIONAL UNITS. The story-teller simply takes the real money and uses it, with no exchange even legally implied. The greater fool is left with no value at all, or left with a huge debt that he MUST repay.

The debt obligation is not transferred to the bitcoiner or the stock trader. The transaction has LAUNDERED the debt from the money, so the bitcoiner or stock demon now owns the real money with no obligation.    The greater fool has the obligation and no real money. This used to be called “theft” in a long-ago distant hazy past.

Math has no control over this process. Poor old math can only stand back and watch in dismay as these demons commit blasphemy against a natural and useful tool.

Worst of all, bitcoiners BLAME AND FRAME math for their crimes.

“I didn’t steal your money, some guy named Math stole your money. Hey, there he is! Arrest him, officer!”

= = = = =

Here’s a smarter thought about the equals sign, written before my brain was wiped out by the “virus” torturers.

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