Censorship or weariness?

Some of the definitely ‘clean’ non-establishment substackers are noticing a sudden drop in their views and subscribers, and readers are noticing the sudden appearance of Content Warnings in some browsers. (I’m not seeing them in Firefox.)

I’ve noticed a decrease in my VASTLY SMALLER view count, which is probably meaningless. Monthly variations in a single-digit count look large on a graph, but aren’t really worth worrying about.

Paranoia turns on quickly and JUSTIFIABLY, but there are several other explanations.

First and best, the major “virus” mandates are gradually ending.

Wunderground.com removed the “virus” layer from its radar map on 9/9.

The “muzzles encouraged” signs in stores (which weren’t enforced) disappeared on 9/18.

The puppet president briefly said “It’s over” but then yielded to his bosses. Even so, the fact that he was instructed to mention the possibility indicates a shift in Deepstate’s desire.

I’m still waiting for the final “court” decision on TSA’s muzzles, but it’s fairly clear by now that TSA doesn’t WANT to resume the muzzles. Their twitter shows all employees happily ungagged, and they’re no longer screaming daily warnings.

TSA is responding to the will of the airlines, not the will of a “judge”. The airlines finally got together IN UNISON and demanded the end of muzzles, just a few days before the “judge” made the “decision” on April 19. TSA’s existence depends on the airlines. If they throw TSA out of their terminals, TSA disappears.

GOVERNMENT DOES WHAT IT WANTS. “Laws” and “constitutions” and “courts” do not exist. Only power and blackmail exist.

= = = = =

Now that the pressure is off, there’s much less perceived need for counterpressure.

Everyone is lethally tired. The “independents” want to stop thinking about this monstrosity and return to real life. We figured out quickly that “facts” and “elections” and “laws” and “protests” have a NEGATIVE effect, giving the monsters a “reason” to kill harder and faster. I’m tired of reading about it and tired of writing about it.

Thus a writer who is still writing about it will probably see a decrease in readers through plain old weariness.

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