NOT Parkinson!

For 65 years NASA has been serving no purpose except a pissing contest against Russia’s superior education system and superior work system. We lost the pissing contest when we failed to “wake up” our own schools.

Since 1975 NASA wasn’t even pissing, just burning up money. Pure Parkinson.

Today for the first time NASA performed a useful and purposeful task, at least in beta form.

Astronomy is a hobby.  Some people enjoy it, but government shouldn’t be paying trillions of dollars for a hobby.  Government is supposed to defend the country against invaders. NASA demonstrated today that they could find and hit an invading craft or asteroid, and knock it off course.

Broader thought, probably wrong:  I’m starting to think that things are turning around despite the worst efforts of the demons.  The central bank has sobered up, which is causing a HUGE part of the economy to sober up.  Now NASA has started doing its job after 65 years of fucking around.

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