Zirn Zibbles

Influencers really need to realize their weak points. Well, everybody does, but it’s more consequential when influencers grab onto the latest obvious scam. Kirn doesn’t realize that tech is his weak point. Or else he’s working for the enemy.

Today he’s advertising something called Urbit, the latest version of Gab or Parler. Urbit comes with extra Web3/Metaverse/Blockchain/Galaxybrain Bafflegab, the latest sucker filter sauce.

Stings like Urbit are self-evident without the tech ingredients. When Deepstate provides a special place for Uncool People to gather and talk, the purpose is the gathering, not the talking. It’s vastly easier to listen and infiltrate and shape the uncoolies into prosecutable acts when they’re all in one place.

The gathering place varies with the era. Salon, Speakeasy, Communist Party, Coffeehouse, Headshop, Tea Party / Occupy, now Gab and Parler and Bitcoin and Urbit.

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