Debtoleth = Deatholeth

Reprint from 2018 with a couple of marked updates.

= = = = = START REPRINT with addendums:

While futilely searching for info about direct payment from banks to heretics, I came across an 1883 text on banking with lots of nice clear history on banks, governments, and debts.

There’s an extremely simple pattern that holds true for a thousand years.

Governments use taxes to finance popular policies. [Addendum: People are willing to PAY taxes when they are receiving VALUE in return.]

Governments use debt to finance unpopular policies. Every breakaway from savings and solvency, every breakaway from real value, was “necessary” to finance an AGGRESSIVE WAR that nobody except the leaders wanted to fight.

Every internal genocide, every policy that DESTROYS THE GOVERNMENT’S OWN PEOPLE, must be financed by debt for a brutally logical reason. When you kill your own real-value economy, you kill the source of taxes.

[Addendum: This was definitively proved in 2020, when all governments united to slaughter their own people, and simultaneously counterfeited 5 times the existing money supply.]

The correlation is so perfect that it can be used as a shibboleth.

If the government uses debt instead of taxes, you can be sure the government intends to kill all real economic activity.

None of our politicians want to raise taxes, which means BY DEFINITION that none of our politicians want to have a functional economy or a functional country. They want to be a free-floating bubble sustained by infinite exponential counterfeit credit.

The oft-quoted “no taxation without representation” misses the mark. Legislatures always end up serving Deepstate, always end up committing genocide against their own people.

I’ve made half of this point before, in discussions of VAT. A government SHOULD be like a business. It should try to make a profit from its own activities. It should derive its revenues strictly and solely from real economic increase of value, so that it will be MOTIVATED to assist real economic increase. When the government operates this way, decorative filigrees like “voting” are unnecessary. Profit does the voting.

In the previous discussions I didn’t see the other side, didn’t see that government by debt is AUTOMATICALLY SUICIDAL.

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