Old game

I’ve noticed for a while that influencers who are realistic about most aspects of the fucked-up world are also selling bitcoin.

This shibboleth works both ways in a perfect balance. Influencers who are strongly opposed to bitcoin are perfectly orthodox about all other aspects. They agree with DNC/CNN/MSNBC on all topics except bitcoin.

There’s a third group of well-paid professional semi-skeptics. Vice salutes a group of ‘detectives’ who are warning suckers about the subscams within bitcoin, and simultaneously pushing the big scam.

“I’m by no means anti-crypto, but I am anti-scams and there’s a lot of scams in crypto. It’s the wild wild west out there. And the regulators are just a little slow to catch up right now. So the crypto community has to figure out how to self monitor.”

These selective detectives are making a lot of money. Some of them are paid by major bitcoin companies. This is an OLD game. Expert scammers always warn people to avoid the “bad side” of the scam, thus funneling the suckers into the swindler who gives the warning.

Define introview.

Semi-relevant to Batya’s crusade about modern “journalism”. From a 1958 publication by Natl Assn of Broadcasters.

Modern “journalists” are all superficial extroverts. Not this guy.

The Maj Gen is trying to penetrate his defenses with the top secret Eyebrow Ray, but it doesn’t work on introverts. We never make eye contact.

Bitcoinoleth strikes again

From Balaji Srinivasan:

See, this was stupid, because it’s *explicit* government censorship. The regime had a good scam going where they just got corporations to silence you in a deniable, decentralized way. But this gives the game away.

Next q: how many times has this happened without being reported?

How often has this happened? Always and forever. There’s no such thing as free speech. Government always controls major media. The difference is WHY government controls media. In the 30s and 40s FCC ferociously controlled radio to be sure facts were represented fairly, and each partisan side was given a chance to speak. Both entertainment and news were monitored and checked for balance and objectivity.

Srinivasan belongs to a peculiar modern type, the aggressive supernerd. He sprays layers and layers of precise and organized facts at you in an argument. But he doesn’t know ALL the relevant facts, and doesn’t seem to sense when his knowledge might be incomplete. And needless to say he’s a bitcoin salesman.