Sucker gene

Thinking yet again of the totally useless blockchain crap. Every one of these “innovations” is a wildly overcomplicated way of doing a task that is already working just fine.

I’ve observed for a long time that complicators and simplifiers are disjunct personality types. I’m a pure simplifier, and I have trouble understanding the motives of complicators.

New thought:

The complicator gene and the gambler gene tend to run together.

This works both ways. Complicators love taking risks. Most importantly, gamblers love complication.

Every form of gambling, from horses to dice to cards to roulette to sports to stocks, constantly develops a growing pile of convoluted layers. Side bets on side bets on side bets. The layers have different names in the different forms of gambling, from trifectas to credit default swaps to NFTs, but they’re all the same type of unnecessary hyper-abstract non-productive nonsense.

The developers of bitcoin UNDERSTOOD this connection. They knew that a stupidly pointlessly incomprehensibly complicated pile of layers with fancy names would INFALLIBLY attract the worst sort of gamblers.

Savers and risk-avoiders and simplifiers look at this mess and say “Huh? Why in the holy fuck would you want ANY of this shit?”

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