Can’t make it up

Now that NFTs have resumed their natural and accurate value of precisely zero, the true believers still need a liturgy. So a clever priest has developed a ‘fantasy football’ league where you can pretend to trade the things that you formerly believed you were trading.

Via Web3IsGoingGreat:

Non-fungible token (NFT) traders who’ve lost real money amid this year’s market downturn can now try wagering fake funds on JPEGs through something akin to fantasy sports, amassing a mock portfolio through NFT data and trading platform called Flip.

Participants in the new NFT fantasy league can pretend-buy NFTs, and those with the best simulated portfolio performance win prizes.

I really shouldn’t be snarky. This is like vaping or near-beer. A good way to maintain the pleasant social and sensory aspects of an addiction without the damaging chemicals.

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