Finally figuring it out

Regular conservatives are starting to see the problem with ‘transparency’. I can’t be overly snarky on this topic because I was also inexcusably slow. Before 2012 or so, I was fully onboard with transparency. Even in 2020 I was still vainly hoping that revealing the facts would break the blackmail and weaken the “virus” hoaxocaust.

It’s all irrelevant. Government knows everything and reveals nothing.

In real life humans NEED to know what’s going on. Our nervous system is tuned at every level to filter out NON-ACTIONABLE inputs. We ignore constants and predictable patterns, and SHARPLY attend to departures from the predictable.

Deepstate subverts our perception in three distinct ways.

First, press conferences and FOIA documents NEVER reveal anything beyond background noise. Occasionally a public output may SEEM to be meaningful if you’re not paying attention, but on closer inspection it turns out to be already known or trivial partisan theater.

Second, official outputs and media outputs constantly create FALSE actionable info. New threats, new panics, new reasons for war, new reasons for internal genocide. This is how psychopaths work.

Third and more subtle, Open Meeting laws and Transparency Requirements never open things up. They only provide new ways for government to keep its functioning strictly private and secret. Every increase in complexity provides a new way to exclude and impoverish peasants.

= = = = =

The third was the real learning point for me. I favored Open Meeting laws before they were enacted. After they took effect, the city council divided its work between Open Meetings and Executive Sessions. All real decisions happened in the Executive Sessions, where the usual gadflies couldn’t attend and ask their usual pesky questions.

Because the work was now secret, the gadflies had no way of proving that the work was now secret.

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