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Someday creativity, free speech, civil liberties, peace, prosperity, and a balanced respect for tradition and exploration will not be assailed as “extreme” positions. The Boy Scout in me hopes that a more open Twitter will help in this process. I think it might.

I think it won’t. This is one of the very few aspects of reality I learned early in life. (Most parts of reality came MUCH later, after I stopped watching TV in 2011.)

More openness leads to tyranny. More discipline on speech leads to “a balanced respect for tradition and exploration.”

US media was closest to balanced and objective from 1934 to 1980 when the FCC ferociously enforced the Fairness Doctrine. As soon as the Doctrine disappeared, radio and TV disintegrated into pure stupid partisanship, with no room at all for truth or tradition.

Everyone likes to say: The answer to bad speech is good speech.

Correct version: The answer to bad censorship is good censorship.

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More specific thought: The folks who see Elon as Savior Of Freedom are neglecting some basic facts about Elon. He has much closer Deepstate connections than Twitter’s founder @Jack or its current management. Elon is in the surveillance business. SpaceX and Starlink are contractors for NRO/NSA. His cars are also surveillance tools. Why wouldn’t Twitter join the crowd?

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