Weird political ads

I’ve been getting more political spam from D than R lately, but the two are interchangeable. Neither side EVER offers to solve any problems or do any work. Most of the emails are expressing desperation. “I’m getting stressed out!” “I’m almost done.” “I’ve had it.” “We’re devastated!” “Tearing up while writing this email.”

If you were applying for a real job, you wouldn’t tell the prospective employer that you were really tired of applying for jobs and needed more money to continue applying for jobs. You’d try to convince the employer that you could DO SOMETHING that the boss needs or wants.

Voters aren’t your friends. Voters are your prospective employers. We want politicians to DO SHIT, just as employers want workers to DO SHIT. Solve problems. Add value to the country, just as an employee should add value to the company.

I gave up voting and supporting politicians. I might return AFTER I see politicians FIXING SHIT. Show your work. Do something for us FIRST, and then we might think about doing something for you.

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Couple days later, a related observation from Kirn:

Biden this week used the word Armageddon at a fundraising event. Now, if I was fundraising, and I said Armageddon loomed, I would not expect to get funds from people. I would expect them to hold the funds in case the world ended.

The same political consultants work for “both” “sides” because everyone inside the system knows it’s all one side. The consultants must know their audience. The partisan team members have been Pavloved to salivate money when they hear words like Desperate or Devastated or Armageddon. Outsiders who aren’t hard-wired to the “two” partisan channels haven’t been Pavloved, so the insider code sounds weird to us.

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Speaking of interchangeable… Through the Trump years, the Repooflican emails wanted me to get PERSONAL with Lord Trump and his demonic dynasty. Wish happy birthday to the Lord, or Best Wishes to his second mistress Kavanka or whatever her/his name is. They abandoned the approach last year. Now the D emails have adopted the Royal Family technique.

Today: ‘Sign the birthday card for Senator Murray!”

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