Is this a trend, or did I just start noticing? Probably the latter.

Headfake 1: British PM Truss goes all in on the usual Ayn Rand crap. ZERO TAX for billionaires, death for peasants. Two days later, after the market ATYPICALLY hates the Randian crap, she retracts it.

Headfake 2: Paypal goes all in on official blackmail, promising to steal $2500 each time a peasant says something Paypal disapproves. Two days later, after the market ATYPICALLY hates the ESG blackmail, Paypal pretends this was an “accident”. In other words, their promise to punish misinformation was misinformation.

Headfake 3, much less significant. John Greenewald at BlackVault notices that a branch of the Air Force has displayed a new official emblem, clearly including a disc UFO along with regular jets and rockets. After the Air Force realizes that the peasants noticed, the disc was hastily erased. Just a mistake, you see.

= = = = =

The first two are significant because they show a delta of knowledge. Many real-world corporations have figured out that the era of free counterfeit and fake growth is over. They are speedily dropping stupid utopian projects and extra services, essentially Quiet Quitting at the corporate level. They are adapting to the needs of their workers, as corporations did after WW2.

Truss and Paypal haven’t caught up with the shift in worldview. They tried to continue Randian exponential growth, assuming that the peasants would meaninglessly protest but the nobles would heartily approve. They were blindsided by disapproval from the nobles.

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