Stalin missed a chance.

Thinking about our permanent war against Russia.

China figured out how to halt American aggression. Blackmail. Starting in ’71, China became NECESSARY to our financiers. China enabled Wall Street to satisfy its demonic need to kill American peasants, and loaned us the money to do it. We can’t invade China now because JP Morgan might lose a micropenny of Share Value.

Russia missed the chance to create the same extortionate defense.

Lenin was moving in the right direction. Starting in 1920, Lenin allowed US manufacturers into Russia. Ford had a fully-owned division building trucks and tractors, and GM licensed a plant to build Buicks. At that point we had a vested interest, so our aggression slowed down after 1920.

FDR tried to expand the vested interest to prevent resumption of our aggression. He officially recognized Russia and tried to welcome imports. Will Rogers, writing for the warmonger Hearst papers, mocked the effort. Why do we need caviar?

Fortunately FDR carried on, forming a crucially necessary alliance and winning WW2. After FDR died, Deepstate immediately started regaining the demonic territory it had lost, with a full frontal assault on Russia that has expanded and escalated ever since.

If Stalin had understood US demons, he might have played the extortion game more effectively. He could have developed a more necessary export than caviar, or could have welcomed US factories again. He might have bought huge bundles of war bonds to become our banker.

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