Spam non-bark

Deleting the latest pile of email spam while still thinking about Zuck and VR and gaming…..

Realized a complete non-bark. Email spam mentions all sorts of current events and current media characters, presuming the reader knows what’s what and who’s who. For instance, today’s political spam assumes that I know Gretchen Whitmer and Kari Lake. Never heard of them. I don’t know if they’re politicians or podcasters or TV “news” characters.

This is normal. Back in the ’30s, live radio shows and ads in magazines constantly mentioned the latest fictional deeds of comic strips or movie stars.

What’s missing? The entire world of videogaming is missing.

In all the years I’ve been receiving email, I’ve never seen a reference to the characters in the gaming world, or the designers and executives of the companies. I’m only partly familiar with them, but I would recognize them more than the “news” characters.

Gaming has a MUCH larger audience than cable “news”. The leading games have 15 million active players each. Most cable shows are under 1 million. Gamers are young and prosperous enough to afford constant upgrades and new equipment. They’re in the Only Demo That Counts for advertisers.  Cable “news” audiences have a median age of 70.

Is this a function of the advertising algorithms? Do they only recognize me as old and male? If so, they’re missing a huge part of my online record. I’m deep inside the world of graphics, if not gaming as such, and my 20-year record of purchases from sites like Renderosity and Daz3D should mark me as a prime customer in that area.

For clarity: I do receive occasional ads FROM Renderosity and Daz3D. This is effective and smart advertising, aiming to retain a regular customer. The non-barking aspect is references to gaming or graphics in general or political spam.

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