Random rust thoughts

I’ve always been annoyed that the auto industry was based in Rust Central, but built cars for use in Arizona. Kaiser could have switched this trend if Henry Kaiser had been USING HIS OWN COMPANY’S TALENTS. Aluminum was the core of his business in 1947, and he could have made cars with aluminum bodies. Rustproof, lighter, more economical. Instead he used cheaper steel than the Big Three so his cars rusted even faster.

AMC finally got around to building cars for their own location in 1980. The Eagle used galvanized body panels and had 4WD. Ideal for wet and snowy places.

Today I was reading an old Collectible Auto mag while eating as usual, and ran across a surprising fact. Pontiac and “its competitors” (unspecified) offered all-aluminum bodies in the mid’60s. But the option wasn’t for durability in Michigan and Ohio; it was solely available to NASCAR racers who wanted to minimize weight.

Jesus. What a fucking waste. They were MANUFACTURING the solution but didn’t want to let anyone use it to solve the problem.

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