Punching backwards

The idiot protesters tossing soup on Van Gogh are an easy slapdown in a hundred ways.

They’re wearing hair products and clothes made from oil, built in China in factories that don’t bother with any of our pollution laws. The products were shipped from China on ships burning bunker oil, the dirtiest of all fuels.

The 150-year-old painting sitting in a museum is NOT consuming oil, unless they think an OIL painting was done with petroleum.

And the soup they’re throwing was probably NOT made in China. Most likely it was made in England or Europe by unionized workers who were paid and treated well.

Despite the easy slapdown, I’m basically on the side of the protesters. Abstract art is intentionally ugly. It has no intrinsic value or beauty.  It was created solely to please the plutocrats.

Only 50 years ago the protesters could have made a clear wealth point, if not a clear oil point. They could have been wearing English wool sweaters and English linen trousers and English leather shoes, all made by well-paid union workers under safe and non-polluting conditions.

Now they don’t have any choice.

Everything they use and buy is designed to enrich the plutocrats and kill the poor.

Now the protesters are only insulting the soup, which is the only thing in the scene that doesn’t deserve the insult.

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