Doubling the insult

While writing previous item, I was trying to determine that the Heinz soup thrown by the protesters was actually made in England, so I wouldn’t be accidentally ruining my point.

Heinz’s own website, full of ESG legalism, doesn’t answer the question, but incidental Google mentions made it clear that Heinz does produce soup in England.

A website about advertising campaigns featured this story in 2017:

The campaign, with the cases containing a free can of Heinz cream of tomato soup, kicked off in London this week and aims to offer a warming surprise to commuters across the UK as winter sets in. Throughout soup season, Heinz will be popping up in the coldest cities and towns across the UK to surprise consumers. The activation, devised with agency Golin, is running from now until March.

Commuters are being encouraged to fight the freeze by ‘breaking’ the glass to enjoy a winter warm-up. The emergency soup boxes have been created following research showing that 75 per cent of Brits say nothing beats a winter chill like a hot bowl of soup. As temperatures plummet across the country, Heinz is expecting sales of soup to surge as people reach for winter warmers. In anticipation, Kitt Green, the Heinz soup production factory in Wigan, is despatching nine million cans of soup over the next week alone.

Heinz was sympathizing with Brits who were chilly because energy prices were too high. Energy prices were too high because of environmentalism. Boris took office around the same time. He immediately implemented Greta’s commands, making prices even higher. Just before he left office this year, he doubled the torture.

Heinz was saying You need more heat and we understand. This week’s idiot protesters are telling Brits You must freeze, and they’re doubly insulting good English soup to send their message.

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