Trying too hard

Lately I’ve been thinking about art and copyrights and unions and such. While pondering such thoughts, opened an old issue of Collectible Auto to read while eating. This picture of an Airflow on the assembly line showed up first.

The Airflow was a result of designers trying too hard for Disruptive Innovation. Chrysler wanted to achieve streamlining AND modern deco fashion, and missed both. The Airflow’s ungainly mass set back the progress of streamlining. Other carmakers weren’t trying quite as hard, and ended up with much more graceful and practical machines.

This picture tied into the thoughts about artists and unions. The guy on the left is a mechanic type, fastening on a hood ornament. The guy on the right is unmistakably an artist type, carefully applying pinstriping to the fenders. You can see the completed part of his work on the front edge. Both of these guys would have been members of UAW, and both worked decent hours for decent pay.

Now both the mechanic and the artist would be driving Uber or jumping off bridges.

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